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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The river of denial runs wide, deep and swift, one struggles and suffers within the illusions one creates and/or supports, and those illusions of denial, firmly rooted within the hard packed ground of fear present a towering wall of seemingly complex adversity to overcome, the simple reality is, that all one needs do is see, know and live the truth, for the Age of Compassion is dawning.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Love*Rulz - (Available on DVD:)

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Nature is the path to peace.

One can not alter or stand in the way of that path without experiencing the power of he/r - intent.

S/he will balance any imbalance, without hesitation for this is the power of love.

One may choose to live in balance and co-creation with peace, or choose to struggle against he/r.

Either way Love*Rulz, for the objective is peace and the path is harmony, tolerance, life and love.

Change is Inevitable

Struggle is an Option

Peace is the Balance

Love*Rulz - (Available on DVD:)

©Bruce Larson*Moore