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Friday, June 09, 2006


Give a homeless man pocket change and you feed him for a day, provide him opportunity to change and he will feed himself for life.

Most people are familiar with the version of the above statement that was made to a group of fisherman over 2000 years ago. Mans relationship with this fundamental principle has changed little since that time, although the basic understanding of this method for lasting change is widely accepted and practiced to a limited degree.

The first course (giving pocket change) is a creation of denial within an action of pity, a temporary relief of ones own fear.

The second (providing opportunity) is a creation of love within an action of compassion, which has a lasting and sustainable result.

It is the relationship with change which is based in fear that governs much of mans actions, and it is this relationship which needs only to embrace the actions of love that will end fear and bring peace to the world.

Stories of the global flood are present in every culture. The action of building an Ark is well known and it is this act of compassion in the face of fear that saved all and presented the lesson, opportunity, and variety to continue the divine evolution of moving forward toward peace within all being.

Since that time fear itself has continually risen and is now threatening to flood the world. The lesson is the same, the opportunity and variety are a hundred fold, the evolution and solution is to once again build an ARC, an A.lternative R.elationship with C.hange, a field of loving energy which bridges the gaps of social relationship, one that continues to strike as a bolt of lightening upon the fears of social reform.

This ARC, an energy of compassionate action and sustainable creation will carry the world into the realization of global peace. Building this ARC, the halo of humanity to encircle the world is a matter of developing a global reality which provides L.esson (education), O.pportunity (skills), V.ariety (choices) and E.volution (change) that are based in compassion and free of fear, to all of mankind, to all of being.

An ARC that is balanced to float safely above the swells of environmental and social change, one who's energy and cargo provides the basic needs of all its passengers and who's crew shares in the daily reality of a world that values relationship over consumption, tolerance over hate, cooperation over fear, and Peace over War.

The ARC of Humanity in which -

L.O.V.E.* R.U.L.Z.

L.esson, O.pportunity, V.ariety, E.volution
R.elationship is U.ltimately L.oves Z.eal

©Bruce Larson*Moore

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