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Thursday, June 02, 2005

13 - Establishments

for the journey to

{1st} The first thing to establish is that there is nothing wrong with the world. This planet is a work of art billions of years in the making, a labor of l.o.v.e. birthed from the reality of Universal*Truth. Nature is not and never has been a threat, an enemy or something to fear, or frighten children or ignorant people with. All of that is the fiction of MAN, it is not the creation of Truth*.

The faults do not lie within the earth waiting to destroy what MAN has built, the faults are buried deep within your systems of thought, hidden under false mechanisms of relationship and control, which are stacked like a house of cards on an unstable reality built of male-fantasy and fear.

Change is the one truth, the single trust, the only reality which exists. All else is a fiction which either embraces and creates l.o.v.e. or holds court and builds e.v.o.l.

Universal*Truth is designed and has evolved to embrace the true reality of l.o.v.e.
L.esson O.pportunity V.ariety E.volution

Male-Creation is constructed to reverse that reality and thus give control to the chosen one and his followers.
E.volution V.ariety O.pportunity L.esson

By simply reversing the order in which truth is fundamentally shared, creation is controlled by that individual or group.

MAN alters love and places the "i" in Evil.

By constructing evolution, limiting variety and opportunity S/HE controls lesson.

This is the basic construct that all systems and organizations which are not of universal truth are built upon.
Thus the word is “GIVEN” by those who desire control. It is by this simple deception that the words and works of all Prophets and Deities who “OFFER” the truth of change are co-opted to serve evol.

Man*Kind will only emerge from this cycle of corruption to accept he/r place within the reality of truth by allowing love to rule all that s/he creates. When this vibration is achieved the veil will lift completely, joining all that is with that which has chosen to be apart from the sphere of truth.
This destiny is the gift of loving, for love is the gift of change.

Which is Inevitable*

{2nd} The second thing to establish is that this is not a competition, battle or war, those are all constructs of MAN, they are the evol desires of your obsession with and addiction to fear, a construct of MAN, and have absolutely nothing to do with the creation or exchange of love. There is nothing that can be conquered or controlled within the sphere of Universal*Truth, for all*ways are open to all*ways. Change is the only truth, love is the one unlimited purity that supports truth.

You can not win nor lose for these are constructs of MAN, there is only but one outcome, the embracing of truth and the only path to that outcome is through the creation of love, following the path of L.O.V.E. will lead your spirit to the beauty and peace of Universal*Truth.

All*Ways & For*Ever . . .

{3rd} The third thing to establish is that you are dearly loved in All*Ways, for that is the path of truth. The vibration of love powers, connects and creates all that is truth, any attempt to alter that reality will result in the elimination of that attempted construct, for deviation from truth and the alteration of l.o.v.e. can not sustain true vibration. You are truly loved all*ways, the state of your personal and global vibration is governed not by constructs of MAN but by the state of truth you maintain within your spirit and that of your deeds. To be truly honest with yourself you must be truly honest with others, this vibration and that vibration only affords the path to the Re-volution of truth, which is the singular reality within all realities.

You are Truly*Loved.

{4th} The fourth thing to establish is you and only you hold the personal responsibility and freedom of your own will, and thus choose to either elicit and support the vibration of love - or to further alter yours and others ability to discern a path toward truth, and there by supporting the constructs of evol.

These realities are of course simple truths, known to every child, every entity, it is within the myriad deceptions of evol that one becomes lost, not by persuasion or failing, simply by choice.
By using your personal responsibility toward yourself and no other, you are able to look within to the soul*desire of your being. All else is external and therefore outside of truth, either looking inward or outward, there are but two choices, two paths on the same road, each pursuing a different and opposite direction, one toward truth and one away from truth, the path toward truth is the continuum, the path away from truth is oblivion.

The Choice & Responsibility is Yours.

{5th} The fifth thing to establish is the connection to truth is constant and all*ways available in all*ways to one who desires to feel and know the vibration of the single reality. Focusing on truth and directing deeds toward the creation and path of love, can and will all*ways elevate one’s feeling of connection to truth.

Turning away from truth and directing deeds toward the constructs of evol will all*ways lower one’s feeling of connection to truth the single reality. Nothing which serves or promotes a construct of evol will connect one to truth, such deeds only serve to lower the vibration of truth. Nothing can ever separate one from truth, one may either embrace truth and love as their path and presence of being or choose a construct of evol to L.I.E. within.
L.ife I.ndulging E.vil

Being a constant bearer of truth is the path to all*ways of light and vibration, this is the spectrum and presence of the sphere of truth.

This is True*Being.

{6th} The sixth thing to establish is truth is all*ways and forever, therefore one exists all*ways and forever. Mortal death neither ends ones path nor responsibility toward truth.

Ones reality is neither linear nor circular, these are constructs of living, which is of truth but not being truth, for truth is all*ways and forever, thus one is spherical within all*ways. Ones energy and vibration are spherical in all*ways, it can not be otherwise, as it is forever. Ones life and living relate to everything, all*ways, and effect the one as the whole. Death is the beginning of ones path toward life, birth is the beginning of ones path toward death.

One is All*Ways and Forever.

{7th} The seventh thing to establish is the constructs of evol either deviate or reverse all paths that are of love following truth. Only by placing truth before all else, following the path of love, does one embrace the true reality. L.esson provides O.pportunity, which offers V.ariety, which presents E.volution, which promotes T.R.U.T.H. This cycle of love is the design of all creation.

Any alteration of the cycle of love is a construct, a deviation of path, which leads one from truth. A deviation can be complete or partial, but either can be changed all*ways. A partial deviation, a S.ingular I.ndifferent N.uance closes ones heart to love, a construction of deviations, a wall of sins, blocks ones spirit from truth.

The complete reversal of the cycle of love is the total promotion of evol, the reversal of truth, enabling the construct of directing E.volution, which controls V.ariety, which limits O.pportunity which constructs L.esson. This reversal can neither promote, embrace nor sustain itself or truth, it is the path to oblivion.

One who follows the path of evol, promotes and embraces all that is a construct of evol, suffering, distrust, hate and all deviation that is not following the path of love.

This is the Construct of Evol.

{8th} The eighth thing to establish is all paths toward truth must focus within. Truth for the one is both personal and universal. All*ways outside of one are simply guides to ones inner reality. One will not meet the purity of he/r personal truth within these words or any other. Only within the inner self can one find and know he/r personal and therefore universal truth. All*ways other than one are simply guides, teachers of their own personal truth and that of either constructed and/or universal truth. The only path to the purity of universal truth is to focus all L.O.V.E. within one self, to bear the beauty, responsibility, and weight of awareness into ones heart and spirit. Knowing ones personal reality is the K.E.Y. and single path to ones, soul desires. All responsibility of one is with one.

K.indness E.nveloping Y.ourself

Only One Can Know The One.

{9th} The ninth thing to establish is that H.O.P.E. rests not within the solution one seeks, but within the truth one sees.

H.elping O.ne P.ursue E.nlightenment

{10th} The tenth thing to establish is although one is generally birthed of a specific physical gender, ones spirit is neither confined nor defined by such mortal constraints or boundaries, nature guides heart and spirit, moral and social definitions are constructs which serve to divide or congeal the physical. Truth supports love all*ways, spirit and soul develop the preference of mind and body with the constructs of the love accepted by the truth of being.

Spirit and soul know no bounds to love, knowing ones true state of being is touching true reality. Living true reality requires no sanction or construct, for one is not defined by constructs, one is defined and guided by love, a bond of heart, of spirit, of soul needs not a bond of construct to be, for truth supports love all*ways. Joining another outside of truth with or without the constructs of MAN will fail to meet the fulfillments of love, for there is no honest love without the complete reality of truth.

One can not alter truth, all*ways are loved within the reality of true being.

It can be no other.

{11th} The eleventh thing to establish is the design of one is the design of all, every vibration is part of one, each thought a creation of one, and every thought, every vibration is intrinsically spherical, encompassing all.

One is of spherical truth, spherical nature, spherical spirit, spherical heart, spherical being.

All is of Spherical*Reality.

{12th} The twelfth thing to establish is constructs which ignore or deny the spherical reality of truth, create limited constructs which can not sustain the whole. These constructs which constrain the vibration of truth, end by absorption of and within love, the spherical action of creation. All design is sustained by the vibration of love, all creation is spherical in nature, engulfing all.

All else is Absorbed.

{13th) The thirteenth thing to establish is the word of truth is love, the vibration of truth is all*ways and forever, spherical being defines truth, connects all, there is no other, spherical life is truth, spherical love is truth, spherical thinking is truth, spherical design is truth.

Everything is of one and of all.

Truth is the Single Path.
The One

One is Truth.

We are Truth.


Bruce Larson*Moore
Of Poetic*Service

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Blogger Coke Brown Jr. said...

I agree almost entirely. It's a shame that more people don't know these things. The only reason I don't agree entirely is because of certain words and their meanings, and, of course, words do not mean the same things throughout their lives. I have a very hard time accepting the concepts of sin and evil, as I do not believe that anything has NO good in it. Even things that we perceive as evil may, indeed, serve some very useful purpose, and it is all too easy to assign words like "evil" and "sin" a bit arbitrarily to someone's actions or state of being, thus casting the first stone and judging. There may be such things as evil and sin, but these words can be defined in so many ways as to make them a bit useless unless we adopt universally understood definitions.

I love you, Bruce, and your message. We need it. Blessings on you, anyone who reads the site, and, indeed, everyone.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Coke Brown Jr. said...

Another thought: I have found that the words I use, when meditating/praying at night are "productive" "useless" and "counter-productive." I pray to be productive in spreading knowledge of the concepts of universality and kindness, and although everyone engages in acts that are useless, I hope to limit my counter-productive actions, those that benefit fewer than they harm.

3:22 AM  
Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...


thanks for your comments and thoughts. As for my* use of the words "evil" and "sin", there is no judgment by me* or by truth placed upon them or the actions one creates in their perceptions and use. You may/will find in studying the 13 establishments that if one looks at the words as a way to share the message with a variety of people, that there is no passing judgment in the message it*self, it is only in the way one listens or translates the words into a personal meaning, which may be very different than what is truly being presented, that one "creates" an agenda of evil and sin. Which is why i* am always open to sharing my My*Truth, should one have any questions of its origin.

thanks*again for your comments.


9:31 PM  
Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...

As for "useless" actions, thoughts or deeds, my*trust is as you point out, that no use of energy is ever completely or for that matter useless at all, for there is value in all that is, and of course that which manifests and creates love is highly treasured by truth.

Peace All*Ways, leads to Truth.

Truth All*Ways, leads to Peace.

BL*M ;)

9:38 PM  

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