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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


You are born with the spirit of truth and potential to rise above any circumstance or situation which others may impose upon you.

Many will twist, cajole and dilute your dreams, desires and the very effort of your endeavor, but there is only one who can succeed in ultimately turning you aside from your true ambitions.

Only by allowing your perceived self to defeat your true inner self, can ones will be completely undermined.

You have the strength of character to rise above the directors of social fate who guide the actors of ego.

You have the power of choice to rise above the chosen ones who seek to make the choices for whom they choose.

You have the force of determination to rise above the decisions of others who decide the direction and course to fear.

You are born of the spirit of truth, with the potential and ability to rise above any situation and circumstance which will challenge your personal being.

You are the reality, the embodiment of truth, whose responsibility and desire is to rise above that which is, not in wealth, position, power or property, but in relationship, for nothing of the world can hold true value without relationship created to rise above that which is.

Rise*Above your relationship with truth, for all that is, sees all that you are and all that you can*be.


©Bruce Larson*Moore
The 13-Establishments of Truth

Monday, October 30, 2006


Despair not for the light of truth is upon you, as fear desperately grips the now fading shadows,

Warriors of love have risen upon the 13 strengths which support the world,

Shepherds of peace walk upon the sands of all time, bringing the new way from beneath the old,

The return of grace leads that which sees truth, the spirit of all faith, into the light of dawn,

Fear not for the death throes of conflict usher forth an age of compassion, the creation of truth, the reality of love,

Rising above this horizon of trust, the Divine*Promise comes to pass.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
The 13-Establishments of Truth

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Each traveler seeks their way through signs left by previous explores, trusting the sight of those who came before is prudent and wise, yet seeing beyond the obvious sign posts that point the way is the sign of a true seeker.

Each guide leads only to the point of ones given intent, beyond which the seeker may discover the vast potential of inner knowledge available to all.

It is the sign posts, one trusts, which determine the route one takes, yet it is the sight one sees which determines the true nature of ones vision, the true knowledge of the path one lays for those who seek their way.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
The 13-Establishments of Truth

Seek & Ye Shall*Find

Friday, June 09, 2006


Give a homeless man pocket change and you feed him for a day, provide him opportunity to change and he will feed himself for life.

Most people are familiar with the version of the above statement that was made to a group of fisherman over 2000 years ago. Mans relationship with this fundamental principle has changed little since that time, although the basic understanding of this method for lasting change is widely accepted and practiced to a limited degree.

The first course (giving pocket change) is a creation of denial within an action of pity, a temporary relief of ones own fear.

The second (providing opportunity) is a creation of love within an action of compassion, which has a lasting and sustainable result.

It is the relationship with change which is based in fear that governs much of mans actions, and it is this relationship which needs only to embrace the actions of love that will end fear and bring peace to the world.

Stories of the global flood are present in every culture. The action of building an Ark is well known and it is this act of compassion in the face of fear that saved all and presented the lesson, opportunity, and variety to continue the divine evolution of moving forward toward peace within all being.

Since that time fear itself has continually risen and is now threatening to flood the world. The lesson is the same, the opportunity and variety are a hundred fold, the evolution and solution is to once again build an ARC, an A.lternative R.elationship with C.hange, a field of loving energy which bridges the gaps of social relationship, one that continues to strike as a bolt of lightening upon the fears of social reform.

This ARC, an energy of compassionate action and sustainable creation will carry the world into the realization of global peace. Building this ARC, the halo of humanity to encircle the world is a matter of developing a global reality which provides L.esson (education), O.pportunity (skills), V.ariety (choices) and E.volution (change) that are based in compassion and free of fear, to all of mankind, to all of being.

An ARC that is balanced to float safely above the swells of environmental and social change, one who's energy and cargo provides the basic needs of all its passengers and who's crew shares in the daily reality of a world that values relationship over consumption, tolerance over hate, cooperation over fear, and Peace over War.

The ARC of Humanity in which -

L.O.V.E.* R.U.L.Z.

L.esson, O.pportunity, V.ariety, E.volution
R.elationship is U.ltimately L.oves Z.eal

©Bruce Larson*Moore

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The 13-Establishments of Truth

Friday, May 26, 2006


So much confusion, so many who think they have the right to condone or condemn others, the union of souls is under the power of no state, religion, nor deity, it is a fundamental right of soul to guide the paths and unions of their own choosing. No legal nor moral right is required other than that of trust, truth and love between them. When mankind sees this he will be on the path to becoming man*kind. So much is wasted in petty squabbles of gender, race, sexual orientation, religious and political agendas.

Seeing the reality of true and honest relationship as the desire of divine truth, is the ability to know that truth.

Truth is the tool which hurts, helps and heals the most, and one which can only be effective if used on and by one self, learn to be your personal truth and you are the master of your destiny, the creation of Divine*Evolution.

* * *
Sticks & Stones

Sticks and stones will break my bones, and words cut so deeply, after all is said and done only love can heal me*.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
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The 13-Establishments of Truth

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Basic Mechanics of Soul & Past Life Expression

Soul constitutes an energy grouping and awareness of self which is a component of the whole. Individual soul entities are set to specific vibrations, harmonics and patterns which denote the skills, duties and experience that any given soul is capable of and has accumulated over the course of its expression.

In universal terms this energy is represented by varying displays and combinations of light waves, energy and tonal vibrations which give a rainbow of color and harmonic texture to the entities physical reality.

Communication between this complex structure of parts is accomplished on many levels of this physical reality and is carried through to the myriad levels on which the biology of life is based.

Each soul is an individual structure given the ability to support the whole in an avenue of choice determined by the specific desire and needs of its chosen path.

Following and determining this path incorporates the knowledge and experience of past life expressions, if the entity has ever been in lesson.

Conscious*Awareness of this knowledge and experience is generally omitted from the biological reality during any given life expression. Although when appropriate the knowledge of and experience in certain past lives which pertain to the path and lessons of choice is made available beyond the realm of spirit and biology into a state of subconscious and/or conscious level of existence and practice.

With this design characteristic in place ones Soul*Age is more evident early on in the biological development stages of the current life expression, thus giving rise to the term Old*Soul.

Through the grouping of souls into basic spheres of creation and guidance, the actions of universal maintenance, lesson and clearing is accomplished within the physical and spiritual realm of reality.

These spheres contain the collective knowledge and experience of all the souls belonging to a specific group. This knowledge and experience is available to any soul within that group who requires the collective information to proceed within its lesson, and path of choice. This information is appropriately a collaborative effort and therefore represents the sum of knowledge which is available for the time and situation in which the lesson or message is being formulated.

Using a cooperative system of building, sharing and distributing information within each sphere of creation allows the individual soul entity to become aware and thus enlightened to any appropriate level of reality which pertains to its lesson and path of choice.

All universal knowledge and experience is available to any soul which is not in lesson, while only knowledge and experience from a souls group may be shared when appropriate, with a soul of that grouping which is currently in lesson.

Complex schools of biological reality such as Earth provide the frame work of conducting Lesson, generating Opportunity, sustaining Variety and creating the Evolution of the functions of Spirit.

Various spheres of creation gather and distribute the energy necessary for these functions throughout the Universal Sphere of Truth which is the one complete entity of the entire whole of spirit.

Within a given life expression it may be appropriate for a soul to be aware of a partial past life expession or several past life expressions for the appropriate outcome and direction of the current life expression. This knowledge of the continuum of soul mechanics generally allows the energy of the entity to break free from fears which would hamper its ability to connect adequately with its particular soul grouping.

All entities maintain a connection with their specific sphere of souls. This connection usually is merely a feeling within ones heart and spirit of knowing there is a presence available to guide one.

While some may have direct experience with this connection on many different levels, all may improve this ability given it is appropriate for their lesson and their current life expression.

Doing so is an individual choice and there are of course consequences to consider that will effect ones current life expression and those who are sharing in ones lesson.

Completion of a life cycle allows for the full passing of spirit among souls not currently in lesson and for the opportunity to plan and stage another expression, thus continuing in lesson should that choice be so desired.

These basic tenets of soul mechanics, combined with past and present life expressions function within the universal continuum to allow for the evolution, design and change desired of and required by spirit to continue the development of its path.

One example of a soul grouping is the Sphere of Change, whose primary function and path is to continually update the message of truth into a form, style and practical function which can be shared with others whose lesson and direction are focused in areas of study, practice and development which deal mostly with non messenger related goals.

A partial listing of the energy types of messenger souls which primarily but not exclusively make up this grouping are souls which maintain the qualities of artist, writers, poets, prophets and philosophers, many of whom are scientific and mathematically inclined individuals.

This grouping is very diverse and widely distributed as all souls share a common interest and function with some basic part of this grouping. However the connection within the core group is more highly focused in certain individual entities as is the case in other groups of specific functions and interest.

This creates a natural organizing factor that is capable of self balancing thus correcting any imbalance which may arise in its function.

As stated the main function of this sphere is that of messenger entities. Any given individual may or may not be consciously aware of the connection to her soul grouping, though all benefit from the shared connection in some way. These benefits may be very subtle and simple, or highly complex, the main determining factors being that of appropriateness to ones lesson and the balance required to create efficient function, thus moving the continuum forward through the desired and chosen change as a whole.

Soul groupings which deal with other specific aspects of universal development and change all function within the same basic framework and structure, thus enabling each group to connect and share all development and change as the whole.

A few other examples of universal soul groupings are:

The Sphere of Nature

The Sphere of Exploration

The Sphere of Education

The Sphere of Organization

All main spheres of creation contain a myriad of sub spheres or cells which are all interconnected to the whole, Sphere of Truth, making up The*One that is The*All.

This is the Way of Divine Truth.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

The 13-Establishments of Truth

Friday, November 18, 2005


Speaking now of the future, there is irony that so many desire to see into the future, when so few bother to look into the past, for it is the thoughts and deeds of the past and present which have and will determine your future.

Speaking now of specifics, one can see the emerging new humanity suffering along side their forebears, as the old ways of fear consume those who can not except the wonderful changes which come.

Although the new humanity suffers only in mind and body, for their heart and spirit has their full strength of soul to guide and carry them forth. They understand the nature of truth and how to continue without fear by choosing the path of love. Those unable and unwilling to find the tolerance to cooperate and the compassion to understand are now leaving in great numbers, as many as one third or more decide to pursue the suicidal plunge of past fears, leading many more who trust them to join in their suffering and demise.

Nature is the weapon most employed, for the neglect of her warnings, bring season upon season in which she will display her intolerance for those who disrupt the balance and choose to walk the path of ignorance.

As the natural seeks balance and correctness for all*ways, so to will the physical and moral structure of man. False leaders, of which there are many, struggle to deny their quests for power. As each falls prey to the victims of their desires, truth shines forth as a beacon for the weary.

Clearing the ash and rubble of the past from each heart brings opportunity for all to build upon the fresh and fertile ground of change. Growing as one entity, each caring for the other, endless paths of interest and discovery are opened, which before were only dreams held back with fear.

Embracing an Age of Compassion, tolerance and higher purpose, the We*Men Race sets forth in honor of the millions of extraordinary and ordinary souls who choose to disavow fear and allow the purpose of love to direct their efforts of healing heart, home, environment and the family of life.

Speaking now of the future, one has only to embrace the truth for s’he accepts all which accept he’r, poetic justice.

©Bruce Larson*Moore