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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Basic Mechanics of Soul & Past Life Expression

Soul constitutes an energy grouping and awareness of self which is a component of the whole. Individual soul entities are set to specific vibrations, harmonics and patterns which denote the skills, duties and experience that any given soul is capable of and has accumulated over the course of its expression.

In universal terms this energy is represented by varying displays and combinations of light waves, energy and tonal vibrations which give a rainbow of color and harmonic texture to the entities physical reality.

Communication between this complex structure of parts is accomplished on many levels of this physical reality and is carried through to the myriad levels on which the biology of life is based.

Each soul is an individual structure given the ability to support the whole in an avenue of choice determined by the specific desire and needs of its chosen path.

Following and determining this path incorporates the knowledge and experience of past life expressions, if the entity has ever been in lesson.

Conscious*Awareness of this knowledge and experience is generally omitted from the biological reality during any given life expression. Although when appropriate the knowledge of and experience in certain past lives which pertain to the path and lessons of choice is made available beyond the realm of spirit and biology into a state of subconscious and/or conscious level of existence and practice.

With this design characteristic in place ones Soul*Age is more evident early on in the biological development stages of the current life expression, thus giving rise to the term Old*Soul.

Through the grouping of souls into basic spheres of creation and guidance, the actions of universal maintenance, lesson and clearing is accomplished within the physical and spiritual realm of reality.

These spheres contain the collective knowledge and experience of all the souls belonging to a specific group. This knowledge and experience is available to any soul within that group who requires the collective information to proceed within its lesson, and path of choice. This information is appropriately a collaborative effort and therefore represents the sum of knowledge which is available for the time and situation in which the lesson or message is being formulated.

Using a cooperative system of building, sharing and distributing information within each sphere of creation allows the individual soul entity to become aware and thus enlightened to any appropriate level of reality which pertains to its lesson and path of choice.

All universal knowledge and experience is available to any soul which is not in lesson, while only knowledge and experience from a souls group may be shared when appropriate, with a soul of that grouping which is currently in lesson.

Complex schools of biological reality such as Earth provide the frame work of conducting Lesson, generating Opportunity, sustaining Variety and creating the Evolution of the functions of Spirit.

Various spheres of creation gather and distribute the energy necessary for these functions throughout the Universal Sphere of Truth which is the one complete entity of the entire whole of spirit.

Within a given life expression it may be appropriate for a soul to be aware of a partial past life expession or several past life expressions for the appropriate outcome and direction of the current life expression. This knowledge of the continuum of soul mechanics generally allows the energy of the entity to break free from fears which would hamper its ability to connect adequately with its particular soul grouping.

All entities maintain a connection with their specific sphere of souls. This connection usually is merely a feeling within ones heart and spirit of knowing there is a presence available to guide one.

While some may have direct experience with this connection on many different levels, all may improve this ability given it is appropriate for their lesson and their current life expression.

Doing so is an individual choice and there are of course consequences to consider that will effect ones current life expression and those who are sharing in ones lesson.

Completion of a life cycle allows for the full passing of spirit among souls not currently in lesson and for the opportunity to plan and stage another expression, thus continuing in lesson should that choice be so desired.

These basic tenets of soul mechanics, combined with past and present life expressions function within the universal continuum to allow for the evolution, design and change desired of and required by spirit to continue the development of its path.

One example of a soul grouping is the Sphere of Change, whose primary function and path is to continually update the message of truth into a form, style and practical function which can be shared with others whose lesson and direction are focused in areas of study, practice and development which deal mostly with non messenger related goals.

A partial listing of the energy types of messenger souls which primarily but not exclusively make up this grouping are souls which maintain the qualities of artist, writers, poets, prophets and philosophers, many of whom are scientific and mathematically inclined individuals.

This grouping is very diverse and widely distributed as all souls share a common interest and function with some basic part of this grouping. However the connection within the core group is more highly focused in certain individual entities as is the case in other groups of specific functions and interest.

This creates a natural organizing factor that is capable of self balancing thus correcting any imbalance which may arise in its function.

As stated the main function of this sphere is that of messenger entities. Any given individual may or may not be consciously aware of the connection to her soul grouping, though all benefit from the shared connection in some way. These benefits may be very subtle and simple, or highly complex, the main determining factors being that of appropriateness to ones lesson and the balance required to create efficient function, thus moving the continuum forward through the desired and chosen change as a whole.

Soul groupings which deal with other specific aspects of universal development and change all function within the same basic framework and structure, thus enabling each group to connect and share all development and change as the whole.

A few other examples of universal soul groupings are:

The Sphere of Nature

The Sphere of Exploration

The Sphere of Education

The Sphere of Organization

All main spheres of creation contain a myriad of sub spheres or cells which are all interconnected to the whole, Sphere of Truth, making up The*One that is The*All.

This is the Way of Divine Truth.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

The 13-Establishments of Truth


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