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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


You are born with the spirit of truth and potential to rise above any circumstance or situation which others may impose upon you.

Many will twist, cajole and dilute your dreams, desires and the very effort of your endeavor, but there is only one who can succeed in ultimately turning you aside from your true ambitions.

Only by allowing your perceived self to defeat your true inner self, can ones will be completely undermined.

You have the strength of character to rise above the directors of social fate who guide the actors of ego.

You have the power of choice to rise above the chosen ones who seek to make the choices for whom they choose.

You have the force of determination to rise above the decisions of others who decide the direction and course to fear.

You are born of the spirit of truth, with the potential and ability to rise above any situation and circumstance which will challenge your personal being.

You are the reality, the embodiment of truth, whose responsibility and desire is to rise above that which is, not in wealth, position, power or property, but in relationship, for nothing of the world can hold true value without relationship created to rise above that which is.

Rise*Above your relationship with truth, for all that is, sees all that you are and all that you can*be.


©Bruce Larson*Moore
The 13-Establishments of Truth