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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fabric of Deception

I give you truth, written upon every leaf that falls at your feet, etched into each grain of sand which drifts among you,

I lay each of you as innocent gifts within an abundant cradle teaming with L.esson O.pportunity V.ariety and the E.volution of divine creation,

I send teachers and prophets to lead you from the repression of masters who act only to deify themselves,

I love each as equal to the other, and look upon you NOT from above or on high, but from within the very depth of your soul, from within the same trials you endure, the same joy’s you know,

I am with you as you are with me, all*ways, we can not be otherwise,

I ask only that you keep your soul from embracing the fabric of deception, woven by fear which seeks to shroud us in darkness,

The simple mystery we seek to know, within these complex schools of reality, is can we if given the free will to act, change a static truth of one, into the growing truth of others, which move with G.R.A.C.E. all*ways ?

G.ifts R.aising A.bundance C.elebrating E.ternity

©Bruce Larson*Moore