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Thursday, June 02, 2005


1 - Death is worth living for.

2 - Life's a beach*enjoy it, and bless the gifts it bestows upon you.

3 - Live in love, love to live, and give the love you know is real.

4 - Respect yourself, and others will.

5 - Wake each day rested.

6 - Make love, not sex.

7 - Never stop learning.

8 - Tolerate ignorance in others, yet never in oneself.

9 - Neither let others sway your personal faith,
nor corrupt your most desirable dreams.

10 - Listen to your heart, speak to your soul.

11 - Always trust the truth you see and feel.

12 - Follow the spirit which leads your mind.

13 - Live the lessons you choose with passion and muse.

©Bruce Larson*Moore


Blogger tornadowatchf5 said...

a lot of truth in those statements. On your #1,
"Death is worth living for."

That is an interesting way of putting it. I mean that. I always thought that "Death is the only thing in life that you can count on". (Forget the taxes, 'cause not everyone pays them).


Thanks for your comment on my blog in regard to my statement that I didn't think that GWB was the right man for anything.

"As for GWB being the right man, I can think of few others with the complete lack of
ability to be aware of anything beyond himself, who could bring the world to face the fear of fear itself, he is a natural born fear monger, the guy just cant do anything right or left for that matter, and it is a sad fact that many must die to open the eyes
and hearts of most people to the truth, this will change and will be one of the great changes of our time."

You really clarified what you meant there. Thanks. I'm sorry if it sounded as if I was attacking your "respect" for the man. I like the way you think and how you express yourself.

Have a great day.

Tornado Watch

12:27 PM  

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