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Friday, April 01, 2005


The Single Reality

T.rust R.elationship U.niversal T.ogetherness H.ope

Truth is the Single*Reality of all realities. To exist within the realm of truth is to be connected to the sphere of all that is, all that can be, everything is as it is, nothing can be other, other is oblivion, which is not of truth, it is of nothing and therefore it is alone, existing in a state of oblivion.

O.ne B.eing L.iving I.mmortal V.isions I.ncarnate O.ffering N.othing

Truth offers all, becomes all, is all. The reason for truth is to be that which it is, that which it can be, that which it shall be. Everything exist within truth, there can be nothing outside of truth, without truth there is only oblivion.

Reality and Dimension in all form is that of T.R.U.T.H.

It can not B.E. otherwise.

it * is

B.eing E.verything
B.eing E.mbracing I.mmortal N.urturing G.race

You are of Truth.


Blogger Matthew said...

it is well said that, "truth offers all, becomes all, is all" and that "without truth there is only oblivian". but what is truth? by nature truth is exclusive, it is what it is and can be no other. remember in the old days people believed that the world was flat, or other various myths, but we know today as scientific fact that the world is a sphere. even today many people are misled in many other ways but their misconceptions have no sway on truth. truth stands from eternity to eternity from age to age, it is unchangeing. just as the eternal being who laid the foundations of truth before the world was. like truth HE is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is the source of truth, the Author of truth, the embodiment of truth. All who come to him shall know the Truth, all who reject him know not the truth, for they know not Him.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...

hey matthew,
you are speaking of truth in the construct of Him, which is a deviation from truth designed to embrace a construct of power held by MAN, made popular by religion, a construct of MAN. There can be nothing but Truth. All other is a construct, which is the choice of oblivion not of truth.

The religious constructs of MAN is comfort to those who choose to be led by others, not by truth, religion is deviation of truth, it speaks of GOD in the interest of it's own construct not for the path of truth, the simple fact that you "reject" one is a proof of construct, truth embraces all*ways, one who knows truth knows only love.

TRUTH is All*Ways . . .

good*luck bro.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

i am not talking about any religion, i did not even say the word "God"(though the concept is there, granted). i am not "rejecting" anyone, for truly i am not the Judge of the world. i am here on the same level as you are, standing on the crust of the earth, desireing to know Truth. but i am getting hung up with some of your reasoning.
well i hope we can discuss this more at a later time. see you around.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...

for*give me for using the term "you" in relation to rejection, its a slip i try to catch myself at, it was meant to be "one".

sorry if i offended you, nothing you read here is meant to be an attack on any*one, though i know many will see it as so ;)

and yes, i wrote to the concept of god as it seems that is where much of what was being said is coming from, the popular concept that is. Yes the reasoning is not as clear as it could be, this is the nature of how it is comes to me. Each session is what I would call a flow of thought, blocks of words which relate to the next and last block. I have no idea or plan as to what is coming next, it just happens, most call this channeling, I do not place a judgment on the method.

The clarity all*ways seems to be there but one must go over the material a few times and slowly at times, to catch all or even most of it. There is reason behind this, the most difficult part is to not place what one thinks one knows on to, or into the message, this is why I keep it as it comes to me. So i'm not sure of claiming this to be my reasoning, though it is what has directed my life, so the argument can be made that it is, such is the nature of putting the thing into words.

it is so much simpler to feel the reality of truth and follow its path than to write it down, i know it is not a simple task to live in truth while one is surrounded by other views, that is why most of my life was lived in the Alaska Bush, far from the workings of man.

i am updating the "Embracing of Truth" post on an on going basis, so one needs to check the bottom portion for what has been added, that might give more clarity to what has come before, it does for me.


7:25 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

hey, no worries, no offence taken. it must have been great to spend all that time in alaska. i have been to juneau and skagway. Alaska is a wonderful, beautiful place. life seems much simpler with no one to deal with. but here we are in this world, filled with other people who look, think and act diffrently, individually.
well keep blogging, and see you around.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...

YES*, the AK*BUSH was a grand adventure, you might have seen "Alone in the Wilderness" on your local Public Broadcasting Station, picture all of that, updated in the 90's with snowmobiles, ATV,s , jon-boats, Hovercraft and a family, living miles from any road. and a couple hundred miles from any major town. It is one way to know yourself and quite a bit of truth in many ways, there is no need for the traditional trapping of faith when one is faced with complete reliance on ones own reality, this to me is the great bible of how to BE that each of us holds within ourself, it's just a matter of how we reach inward to meet and know that reality.

Each life is a Grand Adventure.

12:23 PM  

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